CEBIT 2015

Web-based ARVIDA system environment

The BMBF-funded ARVIDA joint project has the objective of researching a web-based system environment for applications of virtual technologies (VT). For this purpose, ARVIDA developed a service-oriented, real-time-capable reference architecture, thereby creating an innovative basis for modular VT systems that can be flexibly composed. In this way, ARVIDA overcomes the current disadvantages of a monolithic system environment that is predominantly based on manufacturer-specific platforms.

Apart from the presentation of the ARVIDA architecture, two sample applications of the reference architecture were presented at CeBIT: motion capturing for a truck cab and the projection of 3D contents onto a vehicle surface.

Prof. Dr. W. Schreiber, Head of the ARVIDA joint project, presented selected exhibits of the ARVIDA project partners at the BMBF booth.

Projection based Assistance
Federal Minister Prof. Wanka at the BMBF/ARVIDA booth
Ergonomic Studies for Utility Vehicles